Merve pursued my studies in Photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where she also gained her first professional experience at the studio of Steven Klein. She continued to expand my experience within the Photography world by moving to London, where she worked with Sandro Sodano whereas in Turkey, she gained experience at the Tamer Yılmaz Studio.In addition to a series of personal exhibits completed in Turkey, her works were exhibited in Barcelona Showcase in Casa Batillo in 2012, in Romart Biennale in 2015 and in Bologna in the event of Confimi Emiilia 2017. 

Her approach photography as an adventurer diving into moments that tickle her curiosity and enable her to share eternal experiences with others. She continuously urges to offer something 'new' and innovative and advance herself by not only targeting international projects, but also by utilizing mix media of photography, video, digital art and installations to deliver her vision. Her aspiration to branch out to different visual media led me to establish - with the sponsorship of Canon - the first photography-based TV Show in Turkey in 2012 called 'Instant Split'.

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